When we talk about financial markets, the first word which comes in mind is Forex. It still stays proudly as the king of trading; with over $5 trillion daily transaction. It is a very liquid market and there are plenty of currency pairs to trade. The number of traders who choose forex to invest their capital is increasing, because they find it easy to understand and deal with. Will you be one of them? Royal GTX will ensure you with the right tools and technical environment to create a successful experience. 

To keep the simplest meaning, Forex Trading is the market of exchanging currencies. Forex traders analyze the market, get the insight which pairs are the best to trade in a moment of the time and go ahead with trading. The purpose is to understand in which direction the currency pair is going, and you invest in that way. This way you can make money even if the market is going up or down. Technology of nowadays made it very easy, through online trading platforms. They are desktop and web based, also application for Android and iOS devices.

Years ago, trading currency pairs was a privilege of banks, governments, big companies and international institutions which had enough capital in control to put it on trading activities. The average trade was around $100,000, most individuals would see themselves out of this market forever. Now, it is implemented a system called “trading on the margin”. This means that traders trade on hypothetical amounts without using their capital. This way Forex trading is becoming more and more accessible for traders who are not affiliated with a major institution.

Forex now is very popular among group of people who haven’t been part of this market traditionally. People who work full time jobs and do not have time to check on the latest of the market are now an active part of forex market. Forex market is flexible now on the time available and more than ever reachable by traders. It is popular among students and busy parents as well, who choose the time suitable for them to trade.

Well, we mentioned even before that Forex was exclusive for people who had good money. You can imagine that, if the average trading amount was $100,000, Forex was a dream for most people. A very good solution came in light. It is called ‘leverage’ and is calculated in ratio. The most common leverage is 100:1, which means that for 1 Dollar you have in your account, you can trade up to 100 dollars. If you fund your account with $250 and choose the leverage 100:1, you will be exposed in the market as you have $25,000 in your account. This is a powerful tool to maximize your profits. Of course, more responsibility and risk come after this tool. Last word: trade smart!

Metals trading is old story, as old as humanity is. The first metals traded were gold, silver, platinum. As trading technology is developed, precious metals are one of the most keystones working parts that decide the value of the commodity market in general. Precious metals and other commodities are traded on CFDs also and can bring big results to traders in short and long term.

In the modern days, Asia is the continent which has invested the most on purchasing precious metals. Even though, as market, commodity market is dominated by European and American investors. The location does not matter. You have all the potential to make money in precious metals. We are the right company to get started, since we have the right experience, professional people, technology and security options to provide you with. We want to give you all the solutions that will make you avoid making costly mistakes.