Shares or stocks, as they are called differently represents the right of the investor on a company assets and earnings. Shares are part of nearly any investment portfolio. If you want to have a successful trading journey, knowing stocks market is a must. Shares are a fabulous category of
financial markets, one of the greatest components ever invented for gaining financial freedom.

As a trader you do not have any right on decision making but you have that tremendous opportunity to use a company’ share for making money out of price movements.

You need to be familiar with some of the main shares in the industry, so you would be able to find which of them is suitable for you. Find below the top stocks and what they represents:

The main characteristic of a stock is the current price of a stock, which is the most recent selling price of a stock that is traded on an exchange. It is the most reliable indicator of that security’s present value. In the case of a bond, the current price is often quoted as 10% of par or face value.


Here is a list of the stocks, which made huge steps during last year:

ArQule (up 625%)- The precision medicine biotech has a pipeline that is focused on cancers and rare diseases.

IVERIC bio (up 627%) – Used to be called Ophthotech. The company has always focused on eye drugs.

Durect (up 691%)- A small-cap specialty biotech that is focused on pain drugs and stopping opioid abuse.

Avita Medical (up 719%)- A medical technology company in Australia that is focused on regenerating skin for burn victims.

EverQuote (up 725%) – The small-cap is striving to become the largest online source for insurance rate quotes.

Provention Bio (up 741%)- Another small-cap biotech company, focused on the diabetes space.

Demand and supply

Demand and supply in the market define the price of a particular stock. When demand for shares is higher than supply, meaning that there are more buyers than sellers, the price goes up. On the other hand, when demand is less than supply, meaning that buyers are less than sellers, the price decreases.

Interest rates

If the interest rates are low, demand for funds is higher and subsequently demand for shares goes up. On the other hand, high interest decrease the demand for funds and the demand for shares goes down


Market players have an impact on share prices. With more bulls than bears, the prices increase. With more bears than bulls, share prices decline.


Dividends indicate share price movements. When companies make the announcements of dividend, the share prices of a certain company is likely to increase. Let’s emphasize that if the dividend rate announced is lower than the investors’ expectations, share prices decline. If they are higher than expected, share prices increase.